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We lack of accurate trading data.

This could be attributed to several reasons, including limited exchange liquidity or delisting. Or might be due unable to provide support for exchanges where this asset is currently tradable.

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About FLEX

FLEX Coin is the platform coin issued by CoinFLEX, a trading platform, to reward its traders. It is a token that is given as a rebate to "Takers" based on their trading volumes. FLEX Coin can be earned through trade driven mining by customers who trade futures on CoinFLEX.

What makes FLEX Coin unique?

FLEX Coin is unique compared to other cryptocurrencies because it is specifically designed to reward traders on the CoinFLEX trading platform. It is not an ICO project and is not sold through a pre-sale. Instead, FLEX Coins are issued through trade driven mining, meaning they are given to customers who trade futures on CoinFLEX. Additionally, CoinFLEX commits to buying and burning FLEX Coins with a portion of their profits, creating scarcity and potentially increasing the value of the coin. Furthermore, FLEX Coins create a rebate rather than a fee for taker volumes, making it more attractive for traders.


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