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Your Ultimate Bot for Crypto monitoring

EtherDrops is a Telegram bot designed to track the market of cryptocurrencies & NFTs. It provides a unique combination of tools and instruments that follow coins/wallets/NFTs/pools and notify you if there are any changes. Thousands of investors, traders and holders are already using EtherDrops to navigate their crypto journeys.

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Our Features

Simple Bot with Advanced Tools

EtherDrops was founded in 2018. Back then it could only monitor wallets on the Ethereum network. As the project continued it`s incremental development, we realized how important the bot is for crypto community. It is the features that made is so special and added the most value for our users. So what are these magical features?

Cryptocurrency Prices

Add coins by name, ticker or contract address. Apply your personalised settings to receive instant notifications about Price Changes & Swaps.

  • Price change Notifications

    Set % Price Change to generate an alert.

  • Swap Alerts*

    Set $ Value to track Swaps on Uniswap, Sushiswap, Balancer and other supported DEXs.

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Wallet Tracking

Add a wallet by it`s address to monitor incoming and outgoing transactions, airdrops, NFT transactions and created contracts.

  • Transaction Notifications

    Choose between different event types and set $ alerts to be notified about transactions.

  • Wallet Balance

    Check Balances of assets and NFTs.

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Liquidity Pools

Add a liquidity pool by it`s contract address and receive % pool changes should it increase or decrease within the specified range.

  • LP Changes

    Set the % change value to stay on top of your added pool.

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OpenSea Integration

Track the floor price and metrics of NFTs & arts on the ETH network. To follow your collection, add it by the name or address and set a % price change or generate a $ price target.

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Gas Price

At times ETH gas price can be really high and leave you with an eye-watering bill in fees to pay if you make a transaction. Set gas price notifications and save yourself a fortune!

  • Set Gas Alerts

    Set Gwei amount to generate an alert. As soon as it hits the target or lower, you`ll be immediately notified.

Bot gas price ui preview

Integration with Groups & Channels

Are you an admin or a community manager of a project? Maybe you run a trading group? Check this out as your channel may benefit from integration with EtherDrops bot.

  • All Bot Features in your Group and Channels

    The same alerts and notifications you set in your individual account, can be applied to groups & channels.

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Distribution Alerts

Token distributions often create market price pressure and increase capitalization. Be the first to obtain such info and assess market conditions to make a play in your favour (if you use Margin or Futures trading). DYOR.

  • Token Distribution

    Receive distribution alerts from seed, private and other events for tokens that you`ve added to monitoring.

Bot token distribution ui preview

NFT Patterns Tracking

Track whale’s wallets to identify any similar behaviour with NFT transactions and collections. Spot any promising ones, true GEMS or potential future pumps/dumps.

  • Monitor Mint, Sale and Buy transactions

    Tailor your search by the number of unique behaviour matches. The higher the number, the more certain the trend is.

  • Tracking Lists with 2650+ Addresses

    Use our Default Lists with Whales, Smart Whales and Free Minters addresses or create your own ones.

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Subscription Plans

We have different subscription types* tailored individually to your needs. Select a plan to suits your budget and meets your goals.

Save 17%



Free of Charge

Default Plan which is always free for all Users.

  • Up to 20 Wallets
  • Up to 20 Coins
  • Up to 5 NFT
  • Up to 5 LP
  • 100 Messages per hour
  • Events Notifications
  • 1h delay Distribution Alerts
  • >=$1000 Swap Alerts



0.0157 ETH**

Advanced Plan for those who want more.

  • Up to 100 Wallets
  • Up to 100 Coins
  • Up to 100 NFT
  • Up to 100 LP
  • 500 Messages per hour
  • Events Notifications
  • 1 NFT Pattern
  • Instant Distribution Alerts
  • Any volume Swap Alerts



0.0429 ETH**

Perfect Solution for Crypto Enthusiasts.

  • Up to 500 Wallets
  • Up to 500 Coins
  • Up to 500 NFT
  • Up to 500 LP
  • 1000 Messages per hour
  • Events Notifications
  • 3 NFT Patterns
  • Instant Distribution Alerts
  • Any volume Swap Alerts



Individual pricing

Fully Customised Plan for your need. Nothing extra.

  • Custom Wallets limits
  • Custom Coins limits
  • Custom NFT limits
  • Custom LP limits
  • Custom Messages per hour
  • Events Notifications
  • Custom NFT Patterns
  • Instant Distribution Alerts
  • Any volume Swap Alerts
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*To choose a subscription plan, proceed to the EtherDrops Bot Menu and select Subscriptions

**Our pricing is shown in ETH (Ethereum). Prices are automatically updated every 60 minutes based on CEX prices of ETH.


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