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Cashtree TokenCTT

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$2.91 MRank #1507


$72.70 MRank #686


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CTTCashtree Token

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All-Time High
5.71x to ATH
All-Time Low
2.99x to ATL


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ROI since ICO
Funds Raised
Tokens Sold
545.50 M CTT
Tokens for Sale %
10.91 %

About CTT

Cashtree Token (CTT) is a cryptocurrency developed by Cashtree. It serves as a key component of the Cashtree ecosystem and has multiple purposes. Firstly, it supports transparency in campaign performance for clients, ensuring that they have clear insights into the effectiveness of their campaigns. Secondly, CTT provides economic incentives for Cashtree users and the community, rewarding them for their active participation and engagement with the platform. Lastly, Cashtree Token helps to promote the adoption of crypto and blockchain technology in Indonesia. Overall, CTT is designed to create a sense of belonging among its holders, encourage platform usage and growth, and foster educational opportunities for users.

What makes Cashtree Token unique?

Cashtree Token (CTT) is unique compared to other cryptocurrencies because it is specifically designed to support the Cashtree platform and its users. Unlike other cryptocurrencies that serve a general purpose, CTT is integrated into the Cashtree ecosystem, creating a seamless experience for users.
One unique feature of CTT is its role in incentivizing learning and active participation on the platform. Users can earn CTT as rewards for engaging in educational opportunities, such as studying market trends and exploring strategies for maximizing token earnings. This encourages users to expand their knowledge and skills in cryptocurrency trading.
Furthermore, CTT serves as a bridge between the traditional world and the crypto world. By implementing crypto into its business, Cashtree brings its massive user base into the crypto world, introducing them to various crypto projects and benefits. This makes Cashtree a strategic partner for crypto exchanges and other projects, as it brings in a large number of users who are new to the crypto industry.
Overall, the unique features and benefits of Cashtree Token make it a valuable asset within the Cashtree ecosystem, supporting transparency, user incentives, and the adoption of crypto and blockchain technology in Indonesia.

Live Cashtree Token Price Data

The current price of Cashtree Token (CTT) is approximately $0.01454, reflecting a increase of 4.30% in the last 24 hours. The CTT trading volume in the last 24 hours stands at $247,709.00. Cashtree Token's market cap is currently $2.91 million, accounting for about < 0.01% of the total crypto market cap. The circulating supply of CTT is 200.00 million. 

For a comprehensive list of exchanges, visit our crypto exchanges page. To understand Cashtree Token's performance over time, consider exploring its price history and ROI. For in-depth analysis and insights on CTT, check out our crypto insights page.

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