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Civfund Stone 0NE

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This could be attributed to several reasons, including limited exchange liquidity or delisting. Or might be due unable to provide support for exchanges where this asset is currently tradable.

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About 0NE

Civfund Stone is a token associated with the Civfund project. It is part of a decentralized investment fund that aims to provide greater access to investment opportunities for all. The Stone token has a transaction tax of 4.5%, with 50% of the tax used to burn Stone tokens and the remaining 50% used to burn the CIV token. This mechanism gradually reduces the supply of both tokens over time. The revenues generated by CivTrade, CivFarm, and CivFund contribute to the reduction of token supply.

What makes Civfund Stone unique?

Civfund Stone is unique compared to other cryptocurrencies because it is part of the Civilization ecosystem, which is the world's first Decentralized Investment Fund owned and managed directly by its own users. Civfund Stone is used within the ecosystem for various purposes, such as earning rewards through staking and farming, and it also has a transaction tax that is used to burn Stone tokens. This unique feature helps to reduce the supply of Stone tokens over time. Additionally, Civfund Stone is associated with CivTrade, a decentralized exchange that has shown impressive trading volume and gas savings compared to Uniswap. Overall, Civfund Stone offers a distinctive value proposition within the Civilization ecosystem.


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