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Gameflip FLP

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About FLP

Gameflip is a corporation based in San Jose, California, USA, that operates a digital goods marketplace. It allows gamers worldwide to connect and exchange gaming-related services through its platform called Gameflip Gigs. Users can buy and sell gaming-related services, turning their gaming expertise into FLP tokens or cash. Gameflip has a large user base with over 3 million registered users and 500k monthly actives. They also have a mobile app available for both Android and iOS users.

What makes Gameflip unique?

One unique feature of Gameflip compared to other cryptocurrencies is its implementation of the FLP wallet within its platform. This implementation allows Gameflip users to transact digital gaming goods without being subjected to congestion on the Ethereum network and without incurring gas fees. Additionally, Gameflip has formed partnerships with leaders in the gaming ecosystem, such as Elitepvpers, to establish itself as a reputable marketplace for digital gaming goods.

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