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ReSource Protocol SOURCE


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22 Nov, 2021
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The ReSource Protocol is a Mutual Credit protocol that allows participants to access credit at competitive terms, often at 0% interest. It aims to free individuals from their dependence on external capital providers such as banks, creditors, or investors. The protocol facilitates collaborative economics by using blockchain ledgers to keep track of trades, forming independent monetary systems. Participants can acquire SOURCE tokens, which grant access to credit lines, the ability to stake and underwrite other users' credit lines, and participation in the governance process of the ReSource Protocol. The goal of ReSource is to fundamentally change the logic driving credit and debt to support a collaborative economy that benefits all participants.

What makes ReSource Protocol unique?

ReSource Protocol is unique compared to other cryptocurrencies in several ways:
1. Trade-based currency creation: ReSource enables currency to arise as a result of trade, eliminating the need for upfront capital. This means that individuals and communities can create their own currencies based on their trade activities, without relying on external capital or state actors. This promotes the emergence of regenerative and circular economies.
2. Real value and prosperity: The network currencies created using ReSource technology have real value and are designed to help communities prosper. By building stable and autonomous network currencies, ReSource aims to get money into the hands of those who need it the most, redefining fintech and promoting economic empowerment.
3. Mutual Credit protocol: ReSource operates as a Mutual Credit protocol, which allows participants to access credit at competitive terms, often at 0% interest. This frees them from dependence on traditional capital providers like banks, creditors, or investors. ReSource's approach challenges the traditional financial system by offering a more inclusive and fair credit system.
4. Focus on collaborative economics: ReSource networks facilitate collaborative economics by enabling exchange without the use of cash. Through blockchain ledgers, trades are tracked and recorded, forming independent monetary systems. This promotes fair trade, regenerative finance, and the development of commonsense economics.
Overall, ReSource Protocol stands out by offering a decentralized and trade-based approach to currency creation, promoting economic empowerment, and fostering collaborative and regenerative economies.

Live ReSource Protocol Price Data

The current price of ReSource Protocol (SOURCE) is approximately $0.008728, reflecting a decrease of -9.05% in the last 24 hours. The SOURCE trading volume in the last 24 hours stands at $15,575.32.

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