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Uniswap V2 (Ethereum)
Bancor (V2)

About RUNE

THORChain (ERC20) refers to the original token of THORChain, which was built on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token. However, THORChain has since migrated to its own blockchain called Thor chain. It is important to note that the ERC20 version of THORChain is being deprecated and it is recommended to swap your ETH directly to the native rune on platforms like thorswap. The ERC20 version may have a different price and low trading volume compared to the native version.

What makes THORChain (ERC20) unique?

THORChain (ERC20) is unique compared to other cryptocurrencies because it is a lightning-fast, decentralized, cross-chain exchange protocol. It allows users to swap native assets between different supported chains and earn yield from swaps by depositing their assets. THORChain also provides trust-minimized infrastructure for seamless asset transfers. It is worth noting that the ERC20 version of THORChain is being deprecated, and it is recommended to swap ETH directly to the native RUNE token on platforms like Thorswap.

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