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Beldex BDX

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$246.55 MRank #239


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4.42x to ATH
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2.69x to ATL
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7 Jun, 2019
1778 days ago


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$28.00 M
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About BDX

Beldex is a decentralized network that offers various services and features. It includes BChat, a decentralized messaging app that allows anonymous messaging and BDX payments, and BelNet, a decentralized VPN service that enables anonymous surfing and access to geo-restricted content. Beldex also has its own browser, an ad-free browsing experience. It has undergone upgrades, including a transition to the CryptoNight Conceal algorithm and the launch of a Proof-of-Stake (POS) system. Beldex has partnerships with exchanges, masternode hosting services, data providers, non-custodial wallets, and media partners. Additionally, Beldex provides opportunities for open-source contributors and has brand ambassadors representing the company.

What makes Beldex unique?

Beldex offers several unique features and characteristics that set it apart from other cryptocurrencies.
1. Privacy-Enhancing Systems: Beldex is designed to prioritize user privacy. With over 15 years of experience in privacy-enhancing systems, the CEO and co-founder, Kim, has extensive knowledge of privacy-preserving cryptographic protocols. The inclusion of zk-SNARKS technology enhances privacy, security, and scalability of decentralized applications (DApps).
2. Proof of Stake (PoS) Algorithm: Beldex has transitioned its network to the PoS consensus algorithm. This upgrade allows users to participate in securing the network and earn rewards by holding and staking BDX coins. The transition to PoS was backed by research and testing conducted in previous quarters.
3. Decentralized Web Wallet: Beldex offers a decentralized web wallet, providing users with a secure and convenient way to manage their BDX coins. This web wallet went live during Q4 of a specific year.
4. AML Compliance Certification: Beldex has obtained Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance certification. This certification demonstrates the project's commitment to regulatory compliance and strengthens its credibility in the industry.
5. Beldex Network Services: Beldex offers various network services, including the BelNet browser, Beldex Privacy Protocol, and the Beldex Name System (BNS). BelNet is a decentralized browser built over Beldex, providing enhanced privacy. BNS is a decentralized, private name system for quick identification and easy verification of user accounts on BChat.
6. Strong Partnership Network: Beldex has established partnerships with exchanges, masternode hosting services, data providers, non-custodial wallets, and media partners. These partnerships contribute to the project's long-standing and reliable reputation.
Overall, Beldex's focus on privacy, the transition to PoS, the availability of decentralized web wallets, AML compliance, network services, and strong partnerships make it unique compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Live Beldex Price Data

The current price of Beldex (BDX) is approximately $0.03878, reflecting a increase of 3.02% in the last 24 hours. The BDX trading volume in the last 24 hours stands at $1.50 million. Beldex's market cap is currently $246.55 million, accounting for about 0.01% of the total crypto market cap. The circulating supply of BDX is 6.45 billion. 

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