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Benzene BZN

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About BZN

Benzene is the in-game virtual currency used in War Riders. It can be mined by driving through waypoints in the game's Wasteland or obtained by raiding other players. Benzene has a unique mechanism where all additional BZN discovered in the game will be recycled with a 30% burn, ensuring that it never fully runs out but becomes extremely scarce. The internal price of Benzene is designed to maintain its strong position in the market and incentivize early adopters to mine as much BZN as possible.

What makes Benzene unique?

Benzene, the in-game virtual currency of War Riders, has a few unique features compared to other cryptocurrencies.
Firstly, there is a mechanism in place called the BZN burn. This means that any additional BZN discovered in the game will be subject to a 30% burn when players use BZN. This ensures that while Benzene will never fully run out, it will become extremely scarce over time.
Additionally, Benzene has its own internal price mechanism. This ensures that the currency maintains a strong position in the market and incentivizes early adopters to mine as much BZN as possible.
In terms of gameplay, players can mine for Benzene by driving through waypoints and raid other players to take their coins. This adds an interactive element to acquiring the currency.
Overall, Benzene offers a unique gaming experience with its scarcity mechanism, internal pricing, and gameplay elements.


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