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Chainlink LINK

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$7.77 BRank #17


$13.21 BRank #17


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Price History

All-Time High
4.00x to ATH
All-Time Low
98.88x to ATL
Trade Launch Date
20 Sep, 2017
2400 days ago


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117.39xUSD ROI
7.66xBTC ROI
11.30xETH ROI
ICO Price
Funds Raised
$32.00 M
Tokens Sold
349.49 M LINK


Exchanges type

Binance Futures
$13.23$199.77 M33.439%Recently
$13.21$49.67 M8.314%Recently
OKX Futures
$13.25$47.18 M7.897%Recently
Bybit (Futures)
$13.24$41.04 M6.869%Recently
$13.21$25.94 M0.000%Recently

About LINK

Chainlink is an open-source technology that is an essential part of Web3 infrastructure, alongside blockchains and smart contracts. It addresses the limitations of blockchains and smart contracts by providing a reliable and secure way to connect them with real-world data and external APIs. It is developed by a community of developers, researchers, and users who aim to make Chainlink a public good for the entire blockchain ecosystem. If you want to learn more, you can check out the official Chainlink FAQ, the Official Beginner's Guide to Chainlink, the Chainlink Community Factsheet, and the comprehensive overview of Chainlink in 2021 called "Completing The God Protocols." Additionally, you can get involved through various channels like Discord, Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, and GitHub.

What makes Chainlink unique?

Chainlink is unique compared to other cryptocurrencies because it is specifically designed to provide reliable and secure oracle services to the Web3 ecosystem. While other cryptocurrencies focus on being digital currencies or platforms for decentralized applications, Chainlink's primary purpose is to connect smart contracts with real-world data and external APIs.
Chainlink's uniqueness lies in its ability to bridge the gap between smart contracts and off-chain data sources, enabling them to interact with the outside world in a trusted and decentralized manner. This is crucial for the adoption and functionality of smart contracts in various industries, such as finance, insurance, supply chain, and more.
Additionally, Chainlink employs a defense-in-depth approach, combining decentralization, cryptography, implicit incentives, and other safeguards to ensure the reliability and security of its oracle services. This focus on security and reliability sets Chainlink apart from many other cryptocurrencies that may not prioritize these aspects as heavily.
Furthermore, Chainlink is also introducing a staking mechanism, which will further enhance the network's cryptoeconomic security and increase user confidence in its services. This additional incentive and penalty mechanism will strengthen the overall ecosystem and make it even more robust.
Overall, Chainlink's unique value proposition lies in its role as a critical piece of Web3 infrastructure, providing trustworthy and decentralized oracle services to enable the seamless integration of smart contracts and real-world data.

Live Chainlink Price Data

The current price of Chainlink (LINK) is approximately $13.21, reflecting a decrease of -0.39% in the last 24 hours. The LINK trading volume in the last 24 hours stands at $240.85 million. Chainlink's market cap is currently $7.77 billion, accounting for about 0.34% of the total crypto market cap. The circulating supply of LINK is 587.10 million. 

For a comprehensive list of exchanges, visit our crypto exchanges page. To understand Chainlink's performance over time, consider exploring its price history and ROI. For in-depth analysis and insights on LINK, check out our crypto insights page. 

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