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HappyLand HPL

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About HPL

HappyLand is a blockchain game that allows players to become farm owners and participate in various play-and-earn activities. It features an ecosystem of mini-games, such as pig racing and crow hunting. HappyLand also offers different types of land for players to buy, including meadows, woodlands, valleys, and highlands. The game has a planned launch of its mainnet in January 2022 and aims to continuously improve its graphics, user experience, and add more mini-games. Additionally, HappyLand has a Guild Management System that allows players to earn rewards by building and managing guilds within the game.

What makes HappyLand unique?

HappyLand has several unique features that set it apart from other cryptocurrencies. Firstly, it is a blockchain game that allows users to play and earn. Players can become farm owners and participate in mini play-and-earn games within the HappyLand ecosystem, such as pig racing and crow hunting. This combination of gaming and earning potential is a unique aspect of HappyLand.
Additionally, HappyLand offers a Guild Management system, which allows users to assign non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to scholars, control commission for scholars, and track their performance. Guild Masters can claim and automatically distribute rewards to scholars, creating a collaborative and incentivized environment.
Moreover, HappyLand has a roadmap that outlines its development phases. This roadmap includes plans for market research, game development, private sale, marketing, and partnership activities. It also includes the launch of a full HappyLand Metaverse in the future, indicating the project's long-term vision and potential for growth.
Overall, HappyLand's combination of play-and-earn mechanics, Guild Management system, and strategic roadmap make it unique compared to other cryptocurrencies.

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