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KDAG Price

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$7.58 MRank #1404


$139.20 MRank #567


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8.48x to ATH
All-Time Low
3.43x to ATL
Trade Launch Date
11 Mar, 2020
1540 days ago


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$0.1414$97.050.000%3h ago

About KDAG

King DAG (KDAG) is an underlying infrastructure that forms the basis of a new generation of value networks. It aims to build trusted network protocols and provide efficient, secure, and stable development and deployment environments to customers worldwide. KDAG utilizes a directed acyclic graph (DAG) structure, which allows for parallel transactions and modular architecture upgrades. It also introduces the Hug Algorithm, which focuses on embracing data consistency rather than relying on consensus. The Surf Effect is another feature of KDAG, which aims to achieve high security of transaction privacy through randomness screening. Overall, KDAG aims to enable decentralized and efficient value networks by leveraging blockchain technology.

What makes King DAG unique?

King DAG (KDAG) is unique compared to other cryptocurrencies due to its technical advantages and innovative features. Here are some key aspects that set KDAG apart:
1. Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) Infrastructure: KDAG is built on the underlying infrastructure of a new generation of value networks, known as the KING of Directed Acyclic Graph. This infrastructure is dedicated to building trusted network protocols and provides efficient, convenient, secure, and stable development and deployment environments.
2. Hug Algorithm: Instead of relying on traditional consensus mechanisms, KDAG uses the Hug Algorithm. This algorithm focuses on embracing data consistency rather than achieving consensus, allowing nodes to obtain legal transaction references and achieve complete decentralization.
3. Surf Effect: KDAG utilizes the Surf Effect to achieve high security of transaction privacy. Similar to waves, randomness screening is introduced, and nodes are involved to validate the legitimacy of transactions. This ensures transaction privacy and enhances security.
4. Roadmap and Future Development: KDAG has a clear roadmap for future development, with plans to enable parallel transactions in 2023 Q4 and introduce modular architecture upgrades in 2024 Q2. This indicates a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.
5. Investment Agencies and Partners: KDAG has collaborations with investment agencies and partners, which can bring additional resources, expertise, and support to the project. These partnerships can contribute to the growth and success of KDAG.
Overall, King DAG stands out by offering a unique infrastructure, innovative algorithms, enhanced transaction privacy, and a clear roadmap for future development, making it distinct from other cryptocurrencies.

Live King DAG Price Data

The current price of King DAG (KDAG) is approximately $0.1392, reflecting a decrease of -3.17% in the last 24 hours. The KDAG trading volume in the last 24 hours stands at $87,285.00. King DAG's market cap is currently $7.58 million, accounting for about < 0.01% of the total crypto market cap. The circulating supply of KDAG is 54.45 million.

For a comprehensive list of exchanges, visit our crypto exchanges page. To understand King DAG's performance over time, consider exploring its price history and ROI. For in-depth analysis and insights on KDAG, check out our crypto insights page.

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