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NFT Protocol NFT

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This could be attributed to several reasons, including limited exchange liquidity or delisting. Or might be due unable to provide support for exchanges where this asset is currently tradable.

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About NFT

NFT Protocol is a decentralized NFT trading protocol that powers NFT.org. It is designed to facilitate the safe and secure trading of digital assets on Ethereum and Polygon. NFT Protocol allows users to trade a variety of asset types, including ETH/MATIC, ERC-20 tokens, ERC-721 tokens, and ERC-1155 tokens. The protocol utilizes on-chain transactions for order generation and storage, ensuring maximum security and availability. Additionally, NFT Protocol is governed by the $NFT token holder community, who determine development direction, treasury deployment, and fee distribution. Overall, NFT Protocol aims to revolutionize NFT trading by offering multi-asset trading and a censorship-resistant platform.

What makes NFT Protocol unique?

NFT Protocol stands out from other cryptocurrencies by offering a zero-intervention platform for safely trading all types of digital assets. It supports the trading of various asset types, including ETH/MATIC, ERC20s, ERC721s, and ERC1155s. One unique feature is the ability to trade multi-asset baskets, allowing users to trade any combination of supported assets. Additionally, NFT Protocol ensures maximum security and availability by generating and storing orders through on-chain transactions in the NFT Protocol contract. This eliminates attack vectors associated with gasless order generation. Another distinguishing factor is the governance structure, where the $NFT token holder community governs the development direction, treasury deployment, and fee distribution. NFT.org is a censorship-resistant platform that allows trading of assets on Ethereum and Polygon. It aims to be the future of NFT trading by offering multi-asset trading and 100% on-chain functionality, unlocking liquidity for otherwise illiquid assets.

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