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Radio CacaRACA

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$76.46 MRank #521


$92.00 MRank #3263


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54.88x to ATH
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2.62x to ATL
Trade Launch Date
20 Aug, 2021
923 days ago


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0.30xUSD ROI
0.23xBTC ROI
0.28xETH ROI
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Funds Raised
$16.07 M
Tokens Sold
100.00 M RACA


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OKX Futures
$0.00$20.10 M41.997%Recently
$0.000218$11.59 M24.228%Recently
$0.000218$6.61 M13.805%Recently
HTX (previously Huobi)
$0.000219$2.73 M5.714%Recently
PancakeSwap (v2)
$0.000219$1.86 M3.896%Recently

About RACA

Radio Caca (RACA) is a company that manages the Maye Musk Mystery Box (MPB) NFT and is the issuer of the United States of Mars (USM) brand. It gained attention when Facebook rebranded to Meta in late 2021. Radio Caca is known for being a Green Digital Currency and its token is available on Binance Smart Chain, Huobi Eco Chain, and other green public chains. It is recognized for its energy efficiency compared to other blockchain technologies like Ethereum.

What makes Radio Caca unique?

Radio Caca stands out from other cryptocurrencies for several reasons. Firstly, it is notably a Green Digital Currency, prioritizing environmental sustainability. The Radio Caca token is available on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Huobi Eco Chain (HECO), and other green public chains. This distinguishes it from cryptocurrencies that may have a higher environmental impact.
Additionally, Radio Caca has been recognized for its value and contribution to the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. The team behind Radio Caca won the Binances MVBIII (Most Valuable Builder) contest in 2021, highlighting the significance and innovation they bring to the cryptocurrency space.
Overall, Radio Caca's focus on green technology, availability on eco-friendly chains, and recognition within the industry make it unique compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Live Radio Caca Price Data

The current price of Radio Caca (RACA) is approximately $0.0002174, reflecting a increase of 7.21% in the last 24 hours. The RACA trading volume in the last 24 hours stands at $25.95 million. Radio Caca's market cap is currently $76.46 million, accounting for about < 0.01% of the total crypto market cap. The circulating supply of RACA is 350.74 billion. 

For a comprehensive list of exchanges, visit our crypto exchanges page. To understand Radio Caca's performance over time, consider exploring its price history and ROI. For in-depth analysis and insights on RACA, check out our crypto insights page.

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