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$26.71 MRank #754


$33.96 MRank #912


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74.96x to ATH
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529.55x to ATL

About XWC

Whitecoin, also known as XWC, is a decentralized blockchain program that was founded in the spring of 2014. It is a public chain that utilizes innovative Multi Tunnel Blockchain Communication Protocol (MTBCP) to enable interconnection between different blockchains. Whitecoin offers various features and functionalities such as token contracts, transaction contracts, lock contracts, and other dynamic expansion functions. It supports multiple payment options, including XWC and WAMP, and aims to create a cross-chain blockchain ecosystem through the use of the Random Proof of Stake (RPOS) agreement. The Whitecoin project has been in development for seven years and has seen a significant return on investment, with a total ROI of over 74190%. The development team behind Whitecoin is comprised of individuals from various countries, including the Netherlands, Germany, Finland, and Australia.

What makes Whitecoin unique?

Whitecoin stands out from other cryptocurrencies due to several unique features. Firstly, it has been actively developing its technology, community, and ecosystem over the past seven years, positioning itself as a strong and resilient player in the blockchain industry.
In terms of technology, Whitecoin utilizes a Hybrid mechanism, which is considered one of the most challenging approaches in the cross-chain field. This sets it apart from other cryptocurrencies that may have slower or less advanced technical systems. Whitecoin combines relay and distributed private key control modes to achieve cross-chain technology.
Moreover, Whitecoin has established a robust community governance mechanism. It has implemented a system involving Miner, Wallfacer, and Swordholders, who collaborate to manage cross-chain assets and make and modify community rules. This demonstrates Whitecoin's dedication to creating a well-designed and inclusive community.
Additionally, Whitecoin has gained recognition in the industry, being one of the first 78 coins rated by Weiss Ratings back in 2018. This acknowledgment further contributes to its uniqueness and credibility among other cryptocurrencies.
Overall, Whitecoin's combination of technological advancement, community governance, and industry recognition sets it apart and makes it unique compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Live Whitecoin Price Data

The current price of Whitecoin (XWC) is approximately $0.03495, reflecting a decrease of -8.58% in the last 24 hours. The XWC trading volume in the last 24 hours stands at $980,097.00. Whitecoin's market cap is currently $26.71 million, accounting for about < 0.01% of the total crypto market cap. The circulating supply of XWC is 764.32 million. 

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