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$7.08 MRank #1361


$61.05 MRank #758


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9.83x to ATH
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8.53x to ATL
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24 Feb, 2022
876 days ago


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Funds Raised
$20.00 M
Tokens Sold
125.00 M PSTAKE


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HTX (previously Huobi)

Upcoming Events

  • Unlock of 4.44 M PSTAKE - 0.89% of Total Supply

    ~$542,699 (7.66% of M.Cap)

  • Unlock of 4.44 M PSTAKE - 0.89% of Total Supply

    ~$542,699 (7.66% of M.Cap)

  • Unlock of 4.44 M PSTAKE - 0.89% of Total Supply

    ~$542,699 (7.66% of M.Cap)

  • Unlock of 4.44 M PSTAKE - 0.89% of Total Supply

    ~$542,699 (7.66% of M.Cap)

  • Unlock of 4.44 M PSTAKE - 0.89% of Total Supply

    ~$542,699 (7.66% of M.Cap)

  • Unlock of 4.44 M PSTAKE - 0.89% of Total Supply

    ~$542,699 (7.66% of M.Cap)



pSTAKE is a liquid-staking solution that serves as an entrance door to the Persistence ecosystem. Unlike other liquid-staking solutions, pSTAKE's stkASSETS are used within the DeFi Apps of the Persistence ecosystem, allowing the value to accrue to the $XPRT token. The pSTAKE team prioritizes security and plans to undergo audits to ensure the safety of the protocol. While other protocols offer similar functionalities, pSTAKE aims to differentiate itself by implementing additional features in the future.

What makes pSTAKE unique?

pSTAKE differentiates itself from other cryptocurrencies by offering several unique features and developments. Firstly, pSTAKE focuses on liquid staking, which involves issuing derivatives representing underlying staked assets. This allows users to maintain exposure to the staked assets while also accessing additional benefits and opportunities in the DeFi space.
Additionally, pSTAKE has a growing user base, with over 5,378 active users and a Total Value Locked (TVL) of $13.9M+. The platform supports staking for assets such as stkXPRT and stkATOM, with a significant amount of TVL allocated to these assets.
The PersistenceOne team has also participated in exclusive interviews with Cryptocito and TradeTalks, showcasing their commitment to transparency and communication with the community. These interviews discuss pSTAKE's role in liquid staking, its roadmap, and more.
Furthermore, $PSTAKE holders have the opportunity to earn high Annual Percentage Rates (APRs), including external incentives, by providing liquidity to the PSTAKE/OSMO pool #648 on the Osmosis platform.
To stay ahead of the competition, Persistence has planned a roadmap for 2022 that focuses on intelligent developments aimed at making pSTAKE a leader in the liquid staking space. Overall, these unique features and developments set pSTAKE apart from other cryptocurrencies in the market.

Live pSTAKE Price Data

The current price of pSTAKE (PSTAKE) is approximately $0.1221, reflecting a increase of 6.54% in the last 24 hours. The PSTAKE trading volume in the last 24 hours stands at $876,013.75. pSTAKE's market cap is currently $7.08 million, accounting for about < 0.01% of the total crypto market cap. The circulating supply of PSTAKE is 58.00 million.

For a comprehensive list of exchanges, visit our crypto exchanges page. To understand pSTAKE's performance over time, consider exploring its price history and ROI. For in-depth analysis and insights on PSTAKE, check out our crypto insights page.

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